• I added a sidebar menu on the front page of my Blog. It has information about my Blog and links to its source code and the Jekyll website. I created a new css class in the css/main.scss file for the sidebar. Here’s a snippet of it’s CSS.
.side-nav {
    width: -webkit-calc(50% - (#{$spacing-unit} / 2));

I added a nav_message field in _config.yml. Whatever HTML I put into it is displayed in the nav bar on the front page.

<nav class="side-nav">
[[ site.nav_message ]]

NOTE: I have used [ ] here to represent { } because using { } replaces the text with site.nav_message.

  • I updated the particle.svg icon in the footer so its now in a circle. I had to use Inkscape and change the SVG code. Magnified, it looks like this.