The product part of my personal project is due in two days. I have adapted my project be an “IoT demonstration” rather than a “robot” because I couldn’t make my 3D models in time. I worked on creating a useful little app today that allows me to control the servos and light attached to my board, as well as see live readings from the microphone and the photoresistor. This app demonstrates remote control of a device using APIs, as the app contains JavaScript that uses “HTTP POST” requests to call functions on the Photon. The app also demonstrates reading data from APIs, as it makes use of “HTTP GET” to retrieve the values of different variables.

I reorganized a lot of my website code today, and I need to make more edits to my website. I will still have time to do this after I turn in my product. Supposedly they are keeping my product at school until the presentation night. My product is in pretty good shape, and I can still test code with my other Photons.

Its going to be slightly annoying having to rewrite, separate and update the content on, but it will look really nice when I am done.