This is my first legitimate Blog post. I created this Blog today because I thought Jekyll sounded like a cool platform for making a Blog. I installed Jekyll on my Linux Mint workstation today, wrote a post and then turned my Blog into a Git repository. I uploaded my repo to GitHub and now it is hosted on Github Pages at

I am really liking Jekyll so far. I have not had any problems with it yet, and it is running great. I think it looks really professional and I love the elegant and simple theme that it starts with. I might install a theme later, but right now I am happy with how it looks currently.

I was able to import my Disqus comment section code into the site layout, and miraculously I was able to keep my SparkBot comments on my SparkBot section.

I can customize my theme by editing the HTML files in the _includes directory. I can change my layouts by editing the files in the _layouts directory.

I can highlight code from many programming languages.

def helloWorld():
  print("Hello world!")


I can also bold, italicise and bold italicise text. I love markdown and I think that Jekyll is great.

My Blog is mobile compatible and it looks awesome on whatever device that is viewing it. Jekyll also runs on the computer that is editing it, which means I can view my Blog on localhost and on other devices on my network. I configured my apache installation to serve my built site, and it is great for getting a preview of my Blog before pushing a commit. I have installed a Atom package that rebuilds my Blog whenever I press CTRL + S. It also has shortcuts for making new posts and stoping and starting the Jekyll server. Here is the package on

I am proud of my new website / Blog. I will keep this blog on GitHub and use it as my personal website.